We are delighted to announce that BIg Lottery  Fund have made a grant of £10,000 to Topsham Adventure Centre.  This is a great “feather in our cap” and will help us to secure funding from other key Grant Making Trusts.

Sue McQueenie (a partner at Charity PR firm McQueenie Mulholland of Exeter)  was able to interest BBC Spotlight and Radio Devon in our project and we got on Spotlight and Radio Devon on 7 June 2018.

This has really helped put a following wind behind the project.  People are captivated by the idea of a project that  not only works for Topsham Scouting but also great organizations including CEDA and The Mede.

Some large donations have come in since the BBC coverage.

We will soon have full costings for the project which is when we will start making applications for the more major grants as well as enlisting all of your support for this exceptional project.

Here is a link to Sue Mcqueenie’s Press Release.

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